The Book Sale, celebrating its 40th year, is a major fundraiser for the school and is a great display of team work, school spirit, and a passion for books!  The funds raised from this annual event are a major part of the school council annual budget and benefit every student at Mutchmor.  At least 5% of the proceeds will go to other schools or charities that benefit children. Parents will be asked to volunteer for two shifts during the set up and sale, this request and electronic sign up will be sent soon- keep an eye out -the best shifts go early – SIGN UP NOW!

How it works:

  • Step 1: parents & community members donate their gently used books the week of April 11th (find out what books we accept)
  • Step 2: volunteers sort through all the donated books and put them into shelving categories
  • Step 3: volunteers put up shelves, shelve the books by category and price the books
  • Step 4: Children’s day! All of the kids in the school will get early access to purchase a few books at the sale during children’s day. We also collect cakes for our (eagerly anticipated) cake raffle, and announce the winners at the end of the day. A class will also be announced as the winner for “most books collected”
  • Step 5: the sale opens to the public! Volunteers are needed to work the cash, help keep books tidy, and assist with questions
  • Step 6: cleanup

2023 Dates and times:


April 11-14 (8:45am-9:15am) and April 17-20 (8:45am- 9:15am and 7pm-8:30pm)


Thursday, April 27 4pm-8pm
Friday, April 28 4pm-8pm
Saturday, April 29 10-4pm
Sunday, April 30 10-2pm

Payment: We accept cash, debit and credit.

Book Sale Steering Committee 2023:

Chair: Adrienne Annan
Volunteer Recruitment: Kevin Vlack
Advertising/Communication with school: Sarah Lebouthillier & Morgan Charles
Collection and Sorting: Kevin Vlack & Elspeth Tory
Cake Raffle: Dina Idriss-Wheeler and Christina Honeywell-Dobbin
Graphing: Robyn Bragg
Redistribution : I’m interested!
Web and social media: Sarah Lebouthillier
Set-up and take down: Rod Way and Kevin Vlack
Moneris coordinator: Liz Izaguirre and Jenna Beach
Staff Liaison: Erin Mayo


The book sale was launched 40 years ago by parents of First Avenue School students as a fundraiser in 1983. Children were encouraged to ask their families and neighbours for used books, and classes with high participation won prizes like a pizza lunch. One volunteer sewed a large canvas sign to advertise the sale. It was a winning formula that lives on in much the same way to this day, albeit in a new location, following the move of the local French Immersion program to Mutchmor in the 2015-16 school year.

It is traditional during book collection time for each class’s books to be tallied and the counts to be displayed in the form of an enormous bar graph in the school hallway. The powerful incentive of a pizza lunch continues to be offered as a prize to the class that collects the most books, along with a prize from the Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group.