A tasty cake is the only requirement!

  • Decorations optional
  • store-bought is completely fine!
  • Please note any storage requirements (refrigeration). However, cakes that don’t require refrigeration work best as we have very limited fridge space
  • Note any allergy sensitive ingredients or allergy-free ingredient cakes (all cakes peanut/tree nut free please)
  • Cake plate will probably not get back to you so use disposable or label well!
Cakes need to be delivered to the school office by 3pm on Thursday, April 18th.

Book Sale volunteers and Mutchmor students can buy Cake Raffle tickets ($1 each) during this time.

The raffle is held at the end of Children’s Day on Thursday April 18th at 1pm.

Sign up to donate a cake by emailing info@mutchmorbooksale.com.