Book Collection:

Please bring your gently used books to the main entrance of Mutchmor School at the following dates/times.  Volunteers will be here to assist you.  If dropping off books in the morning, please do not double park in the school bus/no-standing zone as you may be ticketed.  Dollies are available inside the main entrance.


2024 Dates and Times:

April 2-5 and (8:45am-9:15am) and April 8-11 (8:45am- 9:15am and 7pm-8:30pm)

WHAT SHOULD I DONATE? Books (all sorts – children’s, board books, Guinness Books, fiction, non-fiction, cook books, travel, self-help, mystery, history, etc.) and games. Please help us sell what we collect by donating RECENTLY published books and games that are in good condition and will sell! . We also collect bags and boxes to help with organizing the books before the sale.  Please have a look at the following paragraph to see what we do not accept.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT: VCR tapes, Dictionaries, Bibles, Encyclopedias (except children’s), Magazines (including Readers Digest), Textbooks, Out-dated computer manuals, Harlequins/Silhouettes, Coffee Table books.

Please respect that a great deal of work goes into hauling books down to the basement, unpacking and sorting.  Items from our “not accepted” list are not going to sell, placing an extra burden on volunteers to dispose of them. Please think of the volunteers when you are putting together your donation!

When bringing in your books, please calculate the number of books being donated, as well as which class will be receiving the credit.  If you do not have a class to donate to, we will add it to the “community” tally. Each class in the school takes part in the book sale competition by trying to collect the greatest number of books.  The winning class receives a prize from the Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group.