How do I post a bundle? 
Visit our instructions page.

Who can post a bundle?
Anyone with the app can post a bundle. For the book sale, ideally all sellers are in the neighbourhood to keep pickup simple.

What can I include in my bundle?
Anything that we’d usually sell at the book sale! Children’s books, youth, fiction, non-fiction, history, travel, cook books, puzzles, games and DVD’s. If you think it will sell, you can bundle it!  Include as many books as you like in your bundle and the price is up to you.

Can I purchase and list a bundle without downloading the app?
No, the app is required for purchase and for listing. The app needs to be installed on an iPhone, iPad or android device – it cannot be installed on your computer. You can, however, browse listings online at https://www.giveshop.ca/market/.

I posted by bundle but it’s not showing up under the book sale group?
You need to add our group to your listing. To edit your listing, open it and click on the pencil icon in the top right corner. Then turn on the switch beside “Is this item part of a group fundraising effort” and select Ottawa / Mutchmor Book Sale.

I can’t post a bundle for less than $25!
The app was recently updated to allow for $10 purchases. If your app is still showing $25 minimum, you’ll need to update it. Here are instructions.

I just purchased a bundle. How do I get my books?
You’ll need to arrange to pick up the books from the seller, usually a safe porch pickup from their home. Use the “chat” feature in the app (it’s on the bottom right) to make arrangements with the seller.


Questions?  Reach us at info@mutchmorbooksale.com